God’s Laws, Man’s Laws – bigger pictures than we realize

babylon at its end

Some things make me wonder. Some things make me wander. In these days of mass ignorance, stupidity and brains full of hate, lust, complete and total ignorance of every facet of fact, I don’t wonder, I don’t wander…I get physically and spiritually sick to my stomach.

I know what the pathetic atheists are, besides being the liars that they are, but that doesn’t make me ill, really…I just pray for their souls.

I know what the “libtards” are, no matter their political party, besides being the liars that they are – INCLUDING ALL the lying politicians that are running for office, saying one thing as they lie to everyone about their real intent – whatever their intents are; but that doesn’t make me ill, either, really. I just pray for their souls.

What makes me physically and spiritually ill, among several things in this regard, are the people that claim to be Christians AND the people that ARE Christians but have been duped into following Man’s Laws opposed to following God’s Laws and then whine incessantly about Christians that are doing their best to follow God’s Laws – and then make some ignorant nonsensical “hate-speech” about those of us that are doing their best to honor, cherish and teach/preach God’s Laws.

I talk to in person, on the phone with Joshua P. Allem on a regular basis. We also pray together on a regular basis. At times we disagree on things but that which we disagree on or about are so silly that we just laugh at each other and we move on.

(Joshua P Allem has some very good posts on Facebook and his web sites and folks truly do need to read his input(s).)

So, seeing that we are in The End Times, it is a necessity to not just read the Scriptures but to STUDY the Scriptures; understand the Scriptures but first and foremost is to pray to God that He and He alone will instruct you on – and myself – and Joshua P Allem – so that the Truth (after you figure who or what the Truth is) will set you free, John 8:32.

Recently quite a few “christians” have stated that SCOTUS was absolutely correct in destroying God’s Laws by making a statement that homosexuals are in some sort of a hit parade when the Scriptures preach/teach the EXACT opposite – this makes me truly physically and spiritually ill. Homosexuality (both kinds) is ANATHEMA unto God Himself – read Romans chapter 1, for starters.

In the words of my good friend Joshua P Allem: “There’s 2 kinds of people who read the Bible. Those who want the truth and those who want to shape the truth into what they want the truth to be. I’m tired of it.” He’s tired of it – and I am sick to my stomach about it (one of the things we disagree on – LOL)!

Have you ever noticed that it is the people that WHINE the most about a something and we truly read what they post about, THEY are the ones that are completely and totally ignorant of God’s Laws. Makes me want to vomit – Revelation 3:16 (interesting verse, isn’t it – see John 3:16)

There is a web site known as All News Pipeline, run by a very good friend of mine, that publishes articles that she herself has written as well as what others have written.  She also has contributors to the site – I agree with about 90% of the articles there but that isn’t the problem.  Some of the commenters, in my person and spiritual reasoning(s), utilizing my personal Grunt Speak (mostly tuned/toned down, are duped Christians or they say they are Christians and are not.  It’s amazing to me how some say they “read” the Scriptures and from their “chatting”, know not what the Scriptures preach/teach…at all.

For example, according to their comments, they believe that our salvation is merely conditional…and it is not.  Our salvation has been given to us, when we accept Christ as our Saviour, and there is nothing we can do to lose that which He has given us freely, period.  Yes, we can lose our rewards/awards and this is why the Scriptures preaches/teaches about the skin of our teeth…I have written several books on this subject and, seeing that Scripture interprets itself…we humans cannot interpret the Scriptures…this is why 2 Timothy 2:15 is so essential.

7letters7churchesSeeing/reading what they say in their comments, they have a very bizarre rendering about what the Scriptures teach/preach about the Rapturo, in the Latin Vulgate, better known as the Rapture.  They also believe, in some bizarre fashion/manner, that the Rapture IS the theoretical Second Coming of Christ, which is quite bizarre because the Scriptures make no mention of this theoretical Second Coming…it is a myth based upon Man’s interpretation of that which the Scriptures preach and teach.  The Rapture comes first because if the Rapture happens when “Jesus comes back with His saints” (the second coming of Christ which is actually the THIRD coming), where did the saints come from?

When one studies the Scriptures, not read the Scriptures but study them, and allow God Himself to do the interacting, all is clear.  I have been a Christian since I was 6 years old, now being in my sixties and I have been studying the Scriptures for most of my Christian Walk.  This is why I don’t go to “church” anymore because what I have found out is that Man’s Laws, or Man’s interpretation, is that which is taught.  God’s Law in church?  In most churches, no matter the denomination, God’s Law is shunned upon and Man’s Law is accepted over God’s Laws because it is much easier to be a bumbling fool that way and feel good about yourself – homosexuality for example – abortion for example – both of which are considered to be Anathema unto God and that isn’t a good place to be.

From what I can establish is that perhaps 99% of the Christians on this globe are from the Thyatira and Laodicean Church ages.  One of them states, in God’s Words not mine, that God will KILL THEM!  The other one is where God says in His Word, not mine, that God will “spue you out” of His mouth.  These are the ones that we are to adhere to?

I think not.

Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Death to Tyrants

“Be still and know that I am God: …” Psalm 46:10